Griffin & Carly// Nashville Engagement Session

Griffin and Carly are complete sweethearts! We decided to explore the Belmont University campus for their engagement session in Nashville, TN, since that is where they first met. It was a perfect fall day and I cannot wait for their wedding next June at the Bellemeade Plantation.

Here are some fun facts about the wonderful couple!

– We meet at a mutual friend from college (Belmont) ‘s birthday party. Both of us fought with the idea of actually going to the party. Its a good thing we did! I was introduced to everyone at the party when I got there, looking super hot in my sweat pants with probably dog hair on them and my signature messy bun. After I set up for the party I went home to actually look presentable. Griff was very persistent about if I was coming back or not. I came back and we spent the whole night talking. We quickly found at we had so much in common. He was from the same small county that my mom was from in Georgia. The rest is history…

– They have been dating for four and a half years!

– They love to have Netflix marathons. Playing with our dog, who is the greatest in the whole wide world!

– Favorite Foods/ Movies: Pizza, mexican, mac and cheese, pretzel crisps, mash potatoes, anything you would eat at thanksgiving. We love Sakura and Cinco de Mayo! (Omg, same here!)

– Each of you describe each other in 5 words
Carly: handsome, soulmate, best friend, smart, hardworking
Griffin:beautiful, funny, intelligent, intellectual, loving

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